newer recording

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Mar 182013
this has music and sounds from “The Stimulator’ Youtube channel,Sublime Frequencies Isan/Morlam Compilation
Home Magician card trick 45” “All Ten Fingers’ Andy Votel Album,Daedelus,Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Performance
Natural Yogurt Band.I was happy to get to record this

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PALACE 2-23-13 Edgar Allen EKOE

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Feb 212013

Killer flier from ABE-Z  PALACE,Saturday nights,International Rhythm,FilmBar Phoenix : Ekoe is bringing a lot of new material recently arrived by post-new bass mutations from all directions-Dubwise discs for mind body and spirit- Expect Bollywood,Thai Morlam,Luk Thung,Dub,Cumbias and new Colombian Twistedness from the likes of Los Pirahnas and Meridian Brothers,New Jamaican Bass/Dancehall,Turk Fuzz and Drums,crunchy Polish Rock Breaks and wonky Russian Synth Disco courtesy a late night parking lot deal with Dj Expo recently and more.and not to forget,Burritos and our beautiful spot FilmBar itself.