Djentrification shakes up crowds around the Valley with a few crates full of records and a noticeable lack of iMac.

…the talented Djentrification, with his enormous collection of rare vinyls, and 45’s, will “freestyle” a set that will take you across the entire world and back spanning decades of music.

… get ready for a globe-spanning mix of music you’ve probably never heard before (but will instantly fall in love with) combined with some seriously skilled scratching and MC skills. Alex is a force to be reckoned with and you’re missing out on the best that Phoenix has to offer if you don’t know his name yet.

The one-of-a-kind sound artist can keep people’s feet moving or he can shock, captivate, and make folks laugh by melding spontaneous compositions from the most unlikely vinyl sources — all while wrapping himself in a shroud of mystery. – Analog Roll

Other Press Mentions: – Best Underground Dance Night, 2010

As he traveled through Asia, contributor Djentrification made stops in Korea and Japan. Today, we’ll see some of his Japanese photos and hear what’s going on in the Far East.

Djentrification In Japan


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