PALACE 2-23-13 Edgar Allen EKOE

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Feb 212013

Killer flier from ABE-Z  PALACE,Saturday nights,International Rhythm,FilmBar Phoenix : Ekoe is bringing a lot of new material recently arrived by post-new bass mutations from all directions-Dubwise discs for mind body and spirit- Expect Bollywood,Thai Morlam,Luk Thung,Dub,Cumbias and new Colombian Twistedness from the likes of Los Pirahnas and Meridian Brothers,New Jamaican Bass/Dancehall,Turk Fuzz and Drums,crunchy Polish Rock Breaks and wonky Russian Synth Disco courtesy a late night parking lot deal with Dj Expo recently and more.and not to forget,Burritos and our beautiful spot FilmBar itself.


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Jul 072012

KID TUNG MIX for Kid Tung Thai Zine out of Tokyo

Morlam/Luk Thung-45 minutes of Thai 45’s-limited,handpainted covers,signed numbered mix cd.

there will be 50 made total-download code included which actually is just a link to the post below this..yes so anyhow you can get it at the following Phx Shops-Trunk Space-Revolver Records-Stinkweeds Records-LawnGnome Publishing-Jobot Coffee Shop-and from me directly (they are 12.50$ at the above spots $10 from me-and probably some people wont like them because Thai music might be really weird to them and that is fine with me.

‘THE PALACE’ All International for Phoenix

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Dec 152011

Saturday Nights,Downtown Phoenix,Unlike any other

Located inside the FilmBar

for this version Dj Smite,Tony Culture,and Gabo are Guests,

I am at the AJJ show @ Crescent till Midnight then to Palace

afterhours for Turntables and Tamales party with directions available at the Palace

Homepage for Parties:

Thanks Dumper for this Poster Design!


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Nov 152011

The Above Poster art is all the Way from Japan from Artist Aya Miyake,made just for this party,Thanks so much Aya!

I have been to South East Asia and feel very lucky for all the good people I met,for the records I was able to dig,for the places I was so lucky to go to.It has a big place in heart,and I enjoy the music,it goes deeper than deep,otherworldy funk,vocals & rhythms I am hard pressed to even describe,Luk Thung,Morlam,Kantrum,Khmer Pop and Rock..Traditional Music too..

There has been heavy flooding (more than usual) in places and this Palace party is raise funds for support~

I have one guest,Melotronix a brilliant Dj,in the spot,and I will be playing a strong combination Thai and Cambodian selections +more,we are having a fresh five dollar raffle with good local contributions from a variety of Phoenix Spots

also copies of the above poster for sale and as prizes,I am looking forward to it very much,-Djents (Event Link)

Link for the Palace Page ~>

and our nice home for the parties~>International and independent film



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Sep 082011

New Poster Art for The Palace from Dumperfoo!

for this Saturdays Palace-New Dabke Mixes (Omar Souleyman) Turkish Edits from “Tandy Love” Vietnamese and Chilean Acid Rock/Funk and much more.Two Guests in the spot-Carolina Pupalactea bringing Brazilian and Chilean Library sound..-Edgar Allen Ekoe with new JA Heat on the bass side-Dub selections Bollywood breaks and more.I will have a handful of the new posters to give out as well.

Filmbar Phoenix is the location

Our Thirteenth Party-All International beat night for Phoenix Arizona


Homepage for ‘The Palace” :


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Aug 092011

Ninth Palace Party is this Sat~@FilmBar in Phoenix.(2nd St. just S. of Roosevelt)

Guests are Sir Smeezy (Cumbia Crunk Originator) and AfroBeat Dj and Producer Santos

Colombian Cumbias,AfroBeat and Funk,DabkeBeat,Luk Thung and Morlam and out-